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MitiS, also known as Joseph Torre, takes his unique interpretation of piano derived melodic music to festival stages around the world. Born and raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia, the eclectic music producer has spent his entire life surrounded by music, beginning his training as a classical pianist at a young age. He is an artist in the purest sense, pouring his soul into every release by fusing his classical roots with his mastery in technical production.

MitiS has built a devoted and loyal fan base (known as the MitiS Mob) which help spread his music to all parts of the globe. His album ‘Lost’ reached #1 on the iTunes Dance/Electronic chart and was ranked the #8 album of the week on Spotify across all genres (4/09/21). With more music in the works, MitiS is looking forward to continue paving his path forward as a pioneer in melodic dance music.

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